State Patrol launches "Operation Safe Driver"
Monday, October 22, 2007, 2:33 AM
By Andrew Beckett

The Wisconsin State Patrol wants to make sure the drivers of large commercial vehicles are operating safely on state roads. To help crackdown on unsafe driving, officers will be strictly enforcing traffic laws this week in areas that have seen a high level of accidents in recent years.

Captain Chuck Teasdale says the campaign is aimed at improving commercial vehicle safety, but they also want to make sure regular vehicle drivers are operating properly around large trucks.

Teasdale says they want to make sure commercial vehicles and their drivers are complying with state safety regulations.

Commercial vehicle-related crashes have been on the decline in Wisconsin over the past three years. Teasdale believes several factors have played a role in that trend, such as better enforcement programs and improved safety features in large trucks.

The campaign began on Sunday.