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    Default UK - Police lift ban on laser speed guns

    Police lift ban on laser speed guns

    By Steve Farrell

    Politics & the law

    24 October 2007 16:39

    Police have begun using laser speed guns again following a three-week ban.

    Kent Police said in a statement today: ‘Following the suspension in South Kent of the laser speed device it has been decided today to reinstate them, and the devices are now back in use. The organisation has reviewed policy and procedures and have [sic] clarified the position within local policing. We have sought to reinstate appropriate local speed enforcement in South Kent, and is [sic] sharing the experience in South Kent with colleagues across the county to ensure that local speed enforcement is delivered consistently across Kent.’

    The suspension of laser speed gun use by the force was exposed exclusively on this site two weeks ago. An internal Kent Police email leaked to MCN told officers: ‘Following a court case at Folkestone yesterday and in liaison with the Criminal Justice Unit (traffic) a review of speed enforcement policy is to be made regarding the use of all laser speed guns in South Kent.

    Pending this review, NO further FPN’s [fixed penalty notices] or summons should be issued.’ The email was dated October 4.

    Kent Police has refused to answer all questions.

    Get next week’s MCN, on sale October 31, to find out what a force insider says officers have been told.
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    Default wow

    Wow, first they were banned, now the ban has been lifted. Sounds like a loss of revenue to me.

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    doesnt it? they would be lost over here without them too. 95% of traps here are laser.



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