Speed camera probe at Lancashire Police
By Sarah Poole
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AN investigation has been launched into speed cameras practices at Lancashire police.

Five members of staff have been moved out of the central processing unit, which is responsible for administering sanctions relating to road incidents, while the investigation is carried out by the Independent Police Complaints Commission.

The investigation relates to allegations that speed guns were incorrectly calibrated, meaning they could give inaccurate readings, and that four members of staff had failed to correctly process documents needed by the courts, potentially jeapordising the cases of drivers.

Mike Naseem, IPCC commissioner for the North-west, said: "Lancashire Constabulary identified these potential problems and referred the matter to the IPCC. Both matters have the potential to impact upon public confidence."

It has not yet been revealed which areas the potentially defective speed cameras were used in.

A spokesman for Lancashire police said: "Unless advised otherwise, people should assume their ticket was issued correctly and follow the instructions on it."

11:11am Monday 29th October 2007