Crack down in Weed and Seed area nets several arrests

Story by 49 News staff

10:52 a.m. Monday, October 29, 2007

A targeted enforcement by Topeka Police resulted in dozens of arrests on numerous charges, including drug possession and outstanding warrants.

During a six day saturation patrol of target areas, law enforcement arrested several people on 28 misdemeanor city or county warrants, 36 misdemeanor charges, 9 felony arrests and 2 felony parole violations. During the operation, officers seized drug paraphernalia, marijuana and methamphetamine.

They also stopped 103 cars resulting in 148 traffic violations.

The operation was focused on a Weed and Seed target area that encumbered Topeka Boulevard to Washburn Avenue to 6th Street to 21st Street.

The Weed and Seed program is a federally funded program where police are paid overtime from federal grants to "weed" out activity in targeted areas, and neighborhood associations then attempt to “seed” the area with law-abiding citizens to better the quality of life in that area.