Speeding motorists to get double penalty points: report

6 hours ago

LONDON (AFP) Drivers could be banned for just two speeding offences under plans to double the penalty points for excessive speed, reports said Friday.

The Times and The Guardian said motorists caught driving more than 45mph in a 30mph zone are likely to receive a fixed penalty of six penalty points on their driving licence and a 100 pound fine, up from the current three points and a 60 pound fine.

The higher tariff is also likely to be introduced for drivers caught at 57mph or above on a 40mph road and 94mph or above on a 70mph road.

Motorists are banned if they accumulate 12 points within three years and there are currently more than 1.1 million drivers who have six or more points on their driving licences.

Under the new proposal, these drivers would receive an automatic six-month driving ban for another speeding offence.

Road Safety Minister Jim Fitzpatrick told The Times the government is scrapping its previous plan to introduce a lower penalty of two points for small breaches of the speeding limit.

"It would be counter-productive and against everything we are saying to tell someone 'you were doing 35mph so you should only get two points'.

"The big message we are putting out is that it's 30 for a reason," Fitzpatrick said.

The Department for Transport is due to publish a consultation document on the plans before Christmas.

A spokesman for the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents said: "We welcome measures where people who are grossly above the speed limit get tougher penalty points.

"It is not getting at the ordinary motorist. It is getting at those who flagrantly break the speed limit."