WTVG--November 8, 2007 - More red light and speeding cameras could be going up in Toledo. The police department proposal would generate $2.2 million. Also on 13abc.com:
Send a tip to the I-team | 13abc podcast | Sign up for our e-mail newsletter The propose is simply an adjustment in the fine and adding more cameras to problem intersections. If council approves the proposal, the first red light camera would go up at the intersection of Glendale and north Detroit. Jennifer Hood drivers through it at least four times a day, she says it is a great idea.

The proposed five-year deal would increase the speeding and red light camera fines from $95 to $120. The city would install twelve new cameras. The agreement would increase the city's revenue from 25-percent to 54-percent.

Rod Ludeman from the Toledo city council says, "I think that the fact that RedFlex, the company that we contract with, is willing to give the city a greater share percentage of revenues on the red light fines if it will be an enhancement to the city's revenue source."

The police chief says, yes red light camera's generate money, but his plan is a money making scheme.

"The purpose of this is to gain voluntary compliance by drivers. We want them to obey the laws."

Police chief Mike Navarre says, "So if you can reduce those violations from occurring, the likely result will be a reduction in accidents and that's what we have seen."

Chief Navarre says the extra cameras would double the number of eyes used to catch those who break the law.

"With the speed enforcement, it doesn't make a difference if the light is green or red, when you go through the intersection your going over a certain threshold over the speed limit and your going to get a violation notice."

The police chief won't tell us how fast we need to be going to get a ticket. He did say the proposal if approved would generate $2.2 million.