ver drive down a Bossier City street and hope members of the Bossier City Police Department aren't parked in an out-of-the-way driveway just waiting for speeders like you going five miles above the posted limit?

According to Bossier police spokesman Mark Natale, the police aren't parked in hiding spots because they want to harass citizens.

"They're there because local residents or businesses have tracked speeding in Bossier City areas and want the police to help," Natale said.

He said the number of police officers assigned to an area is based on complaints from that area.

For example, an area such as Shed Road has three schools: Stockwell Place Elementary School, Cope Middle School and Meadowview Elementary School.

Drivers may legally start out at 45 mph and have to change speeds at least three times during the trip down Shed Road to Airline Drive.

"That's why drivers should always be aware," said resident Lisa Dambrosio. "With children, I'm glad the police are there."

She's not alone, Natale said,

Barksdale Boulevard has a speed limit of 35 mph that was established after residential complaints.

"Traffic engineers did studies and determined the speed limit," Natale said.

Besides, he said, most area police will tell you they don't have to sit in traps to catch residents speeding, they can sit in broad view and still catch them.

Police do keep track of the numbers of tickets they write at particular locations but don't use it as a quota.

Natale said the majority of complaints the Bossier City police receive are for people speeding.

"There were a large number of complaints regarding speeding, and the chief went before the City Council and asked them to double the fines for speeders as a deterrent," he said.

"The recent pedestrian that was hit on Benton Road was the result of speeding that could have been prevented," he said.

The thing Natale advocates is to pay attention to the speed limit in any case after getting behind the wheel of a car.

As far as the Bossier City police having quotas?

"That's a myth," Natale said.