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    Default NY - Police setting parkway traps for speeding drivers

    Police setting parkway traps for speeding drivers

    (Original publication: November 15, 2007)

    WESTCHESTER - State and county police kicked off a "zero tolerance" enforcement effort yesterday to curb aggressive driving on the Westchester portion of the Sprain Brook and Bronx River parkways.

    "There's no magic number we'll tolerate if you're violating the speed limit," state police Capt. Robert Meyers said. He said anyone going over the speed limit, even by a few miles per hour, can expect a ticket.

    From 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. yesterday, state and county police sat in marked and unmarked cars on both parkways ready to pounce on violating passers-by.

    The day netted state police 77 traffic tickets. Of those, 42 were for speeding, with speeds ranging from 74 mph to 86 mph. County police issued 74 more tickets.

    For the most part, the speed limits in the Westchester County portions of the Sprain Brook and Bronx River parkways are 55 mph and 45 mph, respectively.

    From now until New Year's Day, state and county police will strictly enforce speeding and DWI laws on both parkways.

    Meyers said he'd rather see drivers "spend the holidays with their family, rather than spending the holidays in jail."

    "If you're speeding or you're drinking and driving, you can expect to get stopped by Westchester police or state troopers," Meyers said.

    The Bronx River Parkway is where a couple last week died in a fatal car crash that Westchester police say was caused by another driver believed to be speeding and under the influence of drugs.

    County police Capt. John Hodges said he hoped other fatalities could be prevented with aggressive enforcement.

    "We're looking at reducing accidents on the parkways," Hodges said. "We want to make the roads safe for the motoring public."

    Starting the day before Thanksgiving, state police will also set up random DWI checkpoints at undisclosed locations on both parkways. Meyers said both agencies would use the checkpoints "periodically" throughout the holiday season.

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    This is an outrage! ops: The Sprain Brook and Saw Mill Pkwys, between I684 and X-Westerchester Expressway, are among my favorite places to "cruise".

    Shields up!



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