Speeders beware

Staff Writer

Drivers, be warned. The Wilmington Police Department plans to crack down on speeding motorists.

At Thursday night’s session of Wilmington City Council, Wilmington Director of Public Safety Nick Babb said the city is “going to double and triple” the number of officers utilizing speed radar to detect and intercept speeding motorists.

“It’s crazy. And it’s not a short-term thing. Drivers, beware,” Babb said, looking at the news media to underscore his desire to get the news out to local motorists.

Wilmington Mayor David Raizk also spoke up. The crackdown will not be one dimensional: It will target residential neighborhoods, downtown streets and Rombach Avenue.

In reference to downtown, the mayor spoke in particular about “primarily gravel trucks” hauling their loads in the morning as they head west through the city.