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    Default PA- Philly- Red Light Camera Program Funding Running Dry

    "Rossi says lawmakers may decide to shorten yellow lights, for example, to guarantee that the money keeps rolling in. It's happened in other cities."

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    Default spray

    I heard the spray still works on these old cameras in Phili. Can anybody confirm this?

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    AFAIK, the cameras in Pittsburgh and Philadelphia are the old style cameras and the state has not allowed them to upgrade to the new ones... So yes, the spray should work.

    Anyways, I disagree on shortening yellows... Thats making the intersections much more dangerous... A short yellow induces red light running, not inhibits it.

    Its like looking at a building in california and saying "That building is able to withstand a earthquake... lets retro-engineer it until it isn't able to hold up in a earthquake that registers 2.0 on the richter scale..." :roll:

    When it comes to making intersections safer, a 5 second yellow, and a clear out period (Where both lights are RED momentarily) is the answer to solving red light running. Ask Fairfax, Virginia... they cut their number of violates by over 90% by adding 1.5 seconds to the yellow.



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