(LIP-ir) -- In an effort to keep motorists from traveling at excessive speeds, Peru's government is to purchase six new devices that will measure and identify drivers traveling too fast on the capital's main highways, announced transit police representatives today.

The new Autovelox digital video, laser speed enforcement system could be in operation as early as next year, said Colonel Carlos Vallejos, Director of Peru's Transit Police.

The speed enforcement devices will be placed throughout the capital's main streets to measure the speed at which motorists are driving their vehicles and take pictures of those that do not obey the city's traffic regulations, said Colonel Vallejos.

The Autovelox devices, equipped with lasers and photographic cameras, will become a part of the system that is already in operation on Costa Verde highway and Javier Prado Avenue, the two places where the cameras have been authorized to be.

Despite recent protests, Peru's transit police will continue purchasing these devices to help decrease the number of traffic accidents in Lima, said Vallejos.

He reported that 122 people have died this year because of speeding.

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