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Riverside cops beef up traffic enforcement

Those driving on Riverside roads over the next couple of weeks be forewarned-the village's police department is in the midst of Phase 2 of its 2008 Integrated Mini-Grant Enforcement (IMaGE) period.

Through Jan. 1, 2008 officers will be out all over the village conducting saturation patrols, seat belt and speed enforcement as part of the state mobilization. The Illinois Department of Transportation's Division of Traffic Safety provides funds for the traffic safety enforcement at no cost to the village. And the extra traffic enforcement does not affect regular patrol assignments.

The department also just purchased a radar unit with money left over from the 2007 IMaGE grant. With just over $2,500 left over in the 2007 grant, IDOT authorized use of the funds to purchase the radar unit. The unit is permanently installed in a regular patrol vehicle and is kept operational at all times when the vehicle is in use.

-Bob Uphues