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    Default Uniden to release a GPS unit with built in RD at CES

    Uniden to release a GPS unit with built in RD at CES? This looks different than their old units or the 9500i because it is a GPS unit with a large screen / maps and the RD looks like a secondary functionality.

    Interesting... if the radar detector turns out to be half decent it could be a good product for lots of people.

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    Hi SpeedingVolvo,

    See Jimbonzzz's post about it. Later in the thread he describes what he sees in the FCC photos of its local oscillator board design:

    Uniden to offer GPS with Radar Detection Capability!

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    Default sorry

    Sorry about that... should have searched first.

    Thanks for the link.

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    I was watching pimp my ride and they were talking about the GPS they put in this guys truck and they said it also had a radar detector so he wouldn't get anymore tickets.

    He said this while he was talking about the GPS so I don't know if he was saying that it had that feature on it or they put one on the car.

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    haha jason you would be watching pimp my ride



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