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    Default NH - Construction zone speeding fine hiked

    Construction zone speeding fine hiked

    State House Bureau Chief
    11 hours, 49 minutes ago

    CONCORD Speeding through a construction zone would cost up to $1,000 under one of more than 40 bills that passed the New Hampshire House yesterday.

    In addition to returning 17-year-olds to the juvenile justice system, the House voted on bills that cover alcohol regulation, prison sentences and political contributions. House committees spent the summer and fall studying the bills, which now go to the state Senate.

    Among bills passing yesterday was House Bill 432, which establishes a new class of tavern licenses for establishments with fewer than 50 seats. No one under 21 would be allowed in the taverns, and the owners would have to carry liability insurance after obtaining a $24,000 license.

    A second alcohol regulation bill gives police the right to charge anyone under 21 who possesses or has consumed alcohol with unlawful possession, a violation which carries a minimum $300 fine for a first offense, $600 for a second offense. Courts could also order community service as punishment. The bill sets a blood-alcohol level of .02 percent as proof of consumption.

    Prisoners with good behavior during their time behind bars could get a break under HB 595, which establishes a sentence reduction board to review requests by select prisoners.

    Speeding past a highway work crew could be a lot more expensive under HB 730. The bill doubles the maximum fine to $1,000 for speeding in a construction zone.

    Court security workers would get a raise under HB 369, going from the current $65 a day flat fee to $100 a day.

    The House also approved HB 173, which establishes a state tuition reimbursement fund to help rural communities attract large animal veterinarians.

    The House passed HB 241, which allows unions and corporations to form political action committees through which they can direct political donations. A 1996 Supreme Court ruling struck down a state law barring corporations from donating directly to campaigns, leaving what bill sponsors said was an uneven playing field.

    HB 91 would require lobbyists to report all political contributions, including those made to political committees and political action committees. It also makes it easier for experts to serve on or advise legislative panels without having to register as a lobbyist.

    HB 563 allows parents to request a birth certificate to be issued in cases of stillborn children.

    The House also passed a bill establishing a non-driver photo ID card for homeless residents and others, such as recently released inmates. The Department of Safety would issue the cards. The House committee recommending the bill said it will help those without drivers licenses to find jobs.

    A bill requiring first-time drivers to know laws on blind pedestrians also passed, but the House killed a move to require citizenship information on drivers licenses and non-driver IDs.
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    Looks like a simple money grab. The bill increases the maximum fine to $1000. The minimum is still $250, which is double the normal speeding fine. It's passed the House, we'll have to see what happens.
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