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    Default AU - Vic trials satellite speed control device

    Vic trials satellite speed control device

    Posted 9 hours 35 minutes ago

    About 50 cars in Victoria will be fitted with satellite speed control devices as part of a government trial.

    The intelligent speed adaptation device has been developed in Melbourne and is being trialed in four other states.

    It warns drivers of excessive speed and can control a vehicle's acceleration.

    Paul Dawson, the executive director of Speedshield, the company manufacturing the device says it has the potential to drastically reduce the number of speed-related deaths on Victorian roads.

    "When you reach the speed limit it starts to back your throttle off and maintain like it was cruise control," he said.

    "But the difference here is it's smart enough to tell when you're in a different speed zone."

    Professor Brian Fildes of the Monash University Accident Research Centre says the device has potential.

    "Speed is still one of the major killers on our roads and anything we can do to try to reduce that has got to be a positive," he said.

    Cars driven by senior police and Government ministers in Victoria will be fitted with the devices, for the six-week trial.

    The trial is being run by the Transport Accident Commission.
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    Saw it on the NEWS!!



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