Speeding tops list for Lincoln County ACE team
By Amanda Millard
January 9, 2008 - 5:49PM
LINCOLNTON — Speeding tickets topped the list of citations for Lincoln County Sheriff’s Accelerated Criminal Enforcement team in 2007.

The two-man team issued 1,749 charges during 2007. Speeding tickets made up 583 — 33 percent — of those charges.

Sheriff’s deputies wrote 320 citations for seat belt violations, 107 tickets for driving with a revoked license, 138 citations for not having an operator’s license and 34 stop sign/red light violations, according to Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office.

Other citations included:

55 people for not having insurance

212 people for having an expired state registration

10 drivers for careless and reckless driving

94 people for improper equipment

Four people were charged with driving while impaired

9 for having an open container of alcohol

61 charges for possession of drugs

45 for possession of drug paraphernalia

The deputies also caught four fugitives, issued five citations for carrying a concealed weapon and one citation for possession of a stolen vehicle.

Deputy L.W. Ingle and K-9 officer Deputy Tyson Rogers make up the ACE team.

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