Safespeed Late Fee Leaves Local Woman Upset
By Stephanie Cloy

Story Created: Jan 17, 2008

Story Updated: Jan 17, 2008
The Lafayette Safespeed Program began issuing citations a few months ago, and one local woman has a problem with the citation she was issued. Fox News Louisianaís Stephanie Cloy visited with her to find out more about the ticket.

"I think it's absurd, I think it's a shady deal, and I think it's not a good thing," said Dreama Hudson. Hudson is upset that she has been hit with a hefty fine from the Safespeed Program. On January 8, Hudson was charged a $75.00 late fee from the company. "It's a good bit of money for me, I am a single mother, and I'm sure there are other single parents out there too, or people that are under financial struggles that have problems," explained Hudson.

But the catch is that Hudson says her payment was not late. In November, she received a citation in the mail for speeding; she says she mailed the $25.00 fine on December 21, 2007, ten days before the due date. And she didnít get many answers from a phone conversation she had with a Lafayette Safespeed employee. "She told me that the payment was probably late due to the holidays. You know, it was probably on somebody's desk and it was marked received when they opened it," Hudson added.

Hudson said the woman indicated that there were other people in the same situation that were terribly upset but that workers were not allowed to go by the postmarked date just the date the letters were opened. Representatives with the Safespeed programs said they could not comment on the issue.

Hudson said she is planning on scheduling a hearing to dispute the ticket, rather than pay the $75.00. If she loses the court hearing she could potentially have to pay for the ticket and a $30.00 court fine.