Hungarian countryside towns to install speed cameras
By: All Hungary News
2008-01-24 09:16:00
Governments of Hungarian countryside towns can install speed cameras on roads owned by the local governments, according to a regulation effective since January 1. Police are concerned that local governments will flood them with photos of speeders, writes

Local governments will have to consult the ministry of justice before they can install the devices. Police will continue to issue fines, but they will be shared between them and the local government. Experts say that it will be worth for settlements to spend as much as Ft 3 million (€11,600) on one device.

József Paizs, mayor of Szigetvár (Baranya County), told the portal that the town will install digital speed measuring devices, and if those do not prove effective, then speed cameras as well.

István Koncz, regional leader of the Hungarian Auto Club (Magyar Autóklub), welcomed the changes in regulations. He believes 25% to 30% of Hungarian motorists are "defiant" and that traffic morals are low. He hopes that the new regulations will improve the situation.