You've been flashed - it's now a familiar sight in North Texas.

Red-light cameras flashing pictures of passing vehicles.

But at some locations in Collin County, they're flashing for no apparent reason.

Channel 8 went to several intersections that drivers have complained about and found a very interesting problem.

"Pull up to the red light. Sometimes it'll be a little dark and there will be a flash. It reminds me of an airplane coming in for a landing. It's really irritating," said Plano driver, Greg Walker.

Drivers say they're getting flashed at intersections in Plano and Frisco.

We went to three different intersections: State Highway 121 at Custer Road; Spring Creek Parkway and Preston Road and Plano Parkway and Dallas Parkway. It happened at all three.

"I saw a bright flash twice, two bright flashes just seconds apart. It kind of startled me a bit," said Kevin Wallace, another Plano driver.

Drivers we talked with say they expect to see the cameras flash when someone drives into the intersection just before or after the light turns red. Some fear the unexpected flashes could cause accidents.

"Sometimes when it goes off, I feel like, did I run a red light? Am I going to get a ticket? That's the first thing that comes to my mind, even though I waited for the light to turn green, it still goes off," said Hima Pandya.