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    Default CA - Approval for increased patrols on Hwy 19

    State office approves increased patrols for stretch of Highway 12
    By Audrey Wong
    Fairfield Daily Republic
    Updated: Saturday, January 26, 2008 6:44 AM PST
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    FAIRFIELD More eyes will be watching reckless drivers on Highway 12, and residents can expect to learn safe driving tips in commercials and community meetings.

    These were some of the details that officials presented Thursday to announce the final approval of a $1.1 million state Office of Traffic Safety grant that will intensify patrols on the section of Highway 12 from Interstate 80 to Interstate 5.

    California Highway Patrol officers are working with police in Fairfield, Suisun City and Rio Vista to enforce the new double-fine zone. The effort includes CHP officers in Solano County, South Sacramento and the Stockon area, CHP Capt. Sue Ward said.

    The grant will pay for CHP planes to monitor speeds from above and also fund overtime for police and CHP officers. The state money will also help launch a public education campaign about safety on the highway.

    Motorists can expect to have four to eight CHP officers working on overtime on Highway 12, CHP Officer Willie Williford said.

    Williford is planning a town hall meeting during which residents can discuss the hazards of driving on the highway. He also has scheduled a meeting with Trilogy residents in Rio Vista to talk about new laws concerning Highway 12.

    Williford also plans to teach teenagers about the dangers of reckless driving on the highway, and is working on public service announcements about Highway 12.

    Law enforcement agencies have started some efforts to reduce speeding and traffic violations. In October, Fairfield traffic police bore down on motorists passing illegally on the shoulder of the highway, said Sgt. Dave Walsh. Monday morning, Fairfield police issued 25 speeding citations on Highway 12 between Beck and Pennsylvania avenues.

    The grant will augment regular patrol on Highway 12, Walsh said, and police will be able to carry out more operations against traffic violators.

    Motorists who receive tickets for moving or seat-belt violations on Highway 12 can expect to pay more because the double-fine zone went into effect Jan. 1.

    Highway 12 has 70,000 vehicles travel on it daily and has been the scene of several fatal accidents in recent years.
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    GetUrHeadOut wrote on Jan 26, 2008 9:31 AM:
    " So is the CHP going to ticket the people that are scared to death of getting a huge fine and drive 45 - 50 mph? These are the people that cause normally law abiding drivers to pass! The speed limit should be at least 60 to prevent this behavior! "

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    Taxpayer & Citizen wrote on Jan 26, 2008 9:01 AM:
    " That's just from I-5 to I-80 not including that wild and crazy stretch from I-5 to Lower Sac in Lodi. What a deal, huh? "

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    deltaqueen wrote on Jan 26, 2008 8:23 AM:
    " Well, something is better than nothing. And nothing is what we've seen so far. What ever happened to the "double fine zone" that took about a year to grind thru the political mire before it was finaly approved? I see no signs to that effect.
    What about the centerline rumble strips and channelizers? None installed. These head-on fatalities are instantaneous events and the Highway Patrol cannot prevent them...only a divider will! "
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    This is retarded. I've been on 12 east of 80 a couple of times and I can understand why it is a high area for crashes and it isn't because of speeding. This so called highway is a 2 lane road with a light every 1/4th of a mile. The speed limit is 45mph if I remember correctly but most people drive 30 to 35 on it because of the red lights that are not synced. Anyone who tries to go 60 on this road will end with a nasty accident because when the light turns red all of the cars on the road hit their breaks hard. I can imagine someone not being able to stop and running into the back of someone else because they stopped at a red light.

    12 west of 101, were I live, I doubt there is ever an accident. It is still a two lane high way but the speed limit is 55mph and everything is off ramps and on ramps so it is a lot safer.

    If anything all of those crashes are caused by the cheap people in that area who are to lazy to pay taxes enough to build ramps on their highways.



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