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January 28, 2008
Road safety

Laser gun use to be reviewed
Hong Kong Police

Police have directed laser gun operators to follow the manufacturer's procedures and will form a working group to review training and use of the devices.

In a Legislative Council paper today Police said the recent court case regarding a speeding incident will have no effect on the continued use of guns, and all prosecutions remain valid.

Police have 27 Ultralyte LTI 20-20 laser guns, in use since 2001.

To ensure their accuracy, Hong Kong University of Science & Technology Prof Tam Wing-yim tests laser guns every six months.

The manufacturer's agent trains the officers to use the devices. Only qualified operators can use them to conduct anti-speeding operations.

Police made 214,577 speeding prosecutions last year, in which more than 110,000 cases were detected via laser guns. There were two acquittals.

Police said the figures show the devices' accuracy and reliability, and the operators' high standard.