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    Default OK - Police target areas for speeders Feb11-Feb29

    Police target areas for speeders

    Phoenix Staff Reports

    The Muskogee Police Department is continuing its enhanced speed limit enforcement program in an effort to get drivers to slow down.

    Lt. Todd Whitman said 189 citations were issued to motorists stopped for speeding violations in areas targeted for enhanced enforcement during January.

    The program, which was launched in May, was initiated upon the request of city councilors. It is intended to raise motorists’ awareness of driver safety.

    The program targets specific areas each month, but Whitman said motorists should obey traffic laws no matter where they are driving.

    The areas designated for enhanced speed limit enforcement in February are:

    • Through Friday: Main Street between Shawnee Bypass and Peak Boulevard.

    • Feb. 11-15: U.S. 69 between Harris Road and Peak Boulevard.

    • Feb. 18-22: Shawnee Bypass between U.S. 69 and Oklahoma 165.

    • Feb. 25-29: Hancock Street between Gulick Street and South 48th Street East.
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