By: Adam Ledlow
TORONTO, Ont. -- The Ontario Provincial Police has told OTA that in February it will be targeting commercial motor vehicles driving too fast for conditions, especially in inclement weather.

"Driving too fast for conditions, especially in inclement weather, is often one of the most significant causal factors in many multi-vehicle crashes. Although commercial motor vehicles are not always responsible for the initial collision, the chances for serious injuries, fatalities and long road closures increase when tractor-trailers become involved," said Larry Beechey, Acting Deputy Commissioner, Traffic Safety.

"It is recognized that the majority of professional commercial drivers abide by the law. However, for those that do not, there must a degree of accountability."

The OPP is asking the professional drivers of OTA member fleets to serve as role models in setting a safe driving example for all road users. OPP have made it clear that there will be little tolerance for violators.
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