Lead-foots beware — permanent speed cameras are coming to Poolesville.

Four pole-mounted cameras will be installed on Fisher Avenue at either end of town — two near Our Lady of the Presentation Catholic Church and two near the Western County Pool — to keep an eye on traffic in both directions, Town Manager Wade Yost said last week. The county-operated cameras are expected to be up and running by the end of the month.

Montgomery County speed camera vans have been periodically monitoring motorists from the two locations since the summer, Yost said, and the data collected showed that Fisher Avenue had the speeds and traffic volumes to warrant more permanent fixtures.

‘‘Everybody that I’ve talked to has either gotten a ticket or knows someone who has gotten a ticket,” Yost said, noting that the cameras have been effective in slowing traffic on Poolesville’s main road. Drivers speeding on the two-lane road have long been an issue for residents in the town, which is fairly removed from the more populous parts of the upcounty.

The cameras, which issue citations to vehicles traveling 10 mph or more over the speed limit, are placed in residential areas and school zones with a posted speed limit of 35 mph or less. The county has six mobile enforcement vans, and the permanent cameras have so far been installed on 14 roads, including Fisher Avenue, according to the Montgomery County Web site.

County police were unable to provide additional information about the cameras, such as average vehicle speeds and why the location was chosen for a camera, by The Gazette’s Tuesday deadline, according to Lucille Baur, a police spokeswoman.

Drivers caught on camera are fined $40, and though Poolesville is a municipality, all the money goes to the county, according to the site.

‘‘The whole concept is to prevent speeding, not issue tickets,” Yost said.

speed cameras

Permanent county-operated speed cameras in the upcounty are located on the following roads:

Fisher Avenue in Poolesville

Montgomery Village Avenue in Gaithersburg

Richter Farm Road in Germantown

Woodfield Road in Damascus