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    Default VA - House rejects speeding-ticket bill

    Associated Press - February 11, 2008 6:05 PM ET

    RICHMOND, Va. (AP) - Legislation allowing plainclothes police officers to give speeding tickets was rejected by the House of Delegates.

    The proposal was derailed Monday after Delegate Roslyn Tyler of Sussex County said female motorists could be endangered by criminals impersonating police officers.

    A former state trooper, Delegate Bill Carrico of Grayson County, also spoke against the bill. He said it would be confusing for a public that's accustomed to only getting speeding tickets from uniformed officers.

    The bill's sponsor, Delegate John Cosgrove of Chesapeake, said plainclothes officers already are allowed to pull motorists over for violations other than speeding.

    The bill was rejected on a voice vote.
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    Another brilliant idea from the idiots running this state. They tried to pass that same law last year too and here's why its a BAD idea:
    ^police impersonator pulls over an off-duty cop

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    Every once in a rare while the Virginia government rejects stupid f*cking laws. Too bad the idiots pushing for this will keep re-introducing it until one time it passes because a lot of law makers are absent from the vote or they don't pay attention to what the bill actually does. Perfect example of this is the "abuser" fees that were passed after several attempts that failed.



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