Biltmore Forest targets speeders
by Dale Neal
published February 13, 2008 12:15 am
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BILTMORE FOREST —Speeders through the quiet streets of Biltmore Forest might get zapped this summer by a new laser gun that is more accurate than radar, according to Biltmore Forest Police Chief Eric Tinsley.

Tinsley briefed Biltmore Forest commissioners Tuesday on the Prolaser “lidar” unit he hopes to buy from Kustom Signals.

The chief is looking for grants from the Governor’s Highway Safety Commission, which could provide up to 25 percent in grants toward the $3,487 radar.

Tinsley said while conventional radar picks up only the strongest signal in a cluster of speeding traffic, the more accurate laser unit can pinpoint the speed of a single car weaving in and out of traffic. “It could even pick up a bicycle in traffic,” he said.

Tinsley hopes to have the laser later this summer.

The police department already has one radar unit in a patrol car, and three other handheld radar guns.

In other business, the commissioners heard plans from Progress Energy for the utility’s annual trimming of trees in Biltmore Forest.

Crews should start work by March 10, trimming branches in the south end of town from Eastwood Drive moving toward the Blue Ridge Parkway. Brent Guyton, a Progress Energy spokesman, said the work should take about three weeks
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