More speed radars for Lisbon


Lisbon City Hall is considering the possibility of moving some and depending on finances, indeed purchasing more speed cameras to be positioned around the capital.

According to a source of Lisbon Mayor Ant�nio Costa�s office, �a proposal has been put forward to change the location of some of the existing 21 radars, as well as to buy new ones�.
A committee created to accompany the progress and effects of the radars devised this proposal after meeting last week.
Whether or not radars will be re-positioned or new ones purchased depends solely on the city�s finances.
Coordinated by the city councilor for mobility, Marcos Perestrello, the committee further comprises the municipal director for Road Safety and Traffic, the head of the city police, a sub-commissioner of the PSP police road brigade, and National Road and Vehicle safety representatives, amongst others.
A petition has also been started to raise the maximum speed limit from 50 to 80 kilometers per hour.
The 21 radars have been functioning since July 16th last year. From July until December, city police confirmed 261,728 people were caught speeding by the cameras, the majority of which occurred in the Marques tunnel, where 60,860 speeders were caught.