Elloree PD gets new radar gun
| Monday, March 03, 2008

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ELLOREE, S.C. - Motorists might want to ease up on the accelerator. The Elloree Police Department has a new radar gun.

Elloree Police Chief Preston Avinger and Investigator Lin Shirer attended a meeting of the First Judicial Law Enforcement Network at the Orangeburg Shrine Club on Feb. 21. During the meeting, the LEN awarded prizes to numerous attendees, including Shirer. The Elloree Police Department also received a Genesis Handheld Directional Radar, which will be utilized for traffic control.

Avinger said the Town of Elloree and the Elloree Police Department are grateful to the First Judicial Law Enforcement Network, specially LEN Coordinator Lt. Andy Hayes of the St. Matthews Police Department and Orangeburg Department of Public Safety 1st Sgt. Jeff Mitchum, LEN assistant coordinator.