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    Default MPH Industries and Laser Atlanta Team up

    March 04, 2008 09:00 AM Eastern Time

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    MPH Industries and Laser Atlanta Team to Bring the Latest SpeedLaser® LIDAR Technology to Law Enforcement

    ATLANTA & OWENSBORO, Ky.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Laser Atlanta and MPH Industries (MPH) today announced that MPH will market Laser Atlanta’s SpeedLaser® LIDAR speed detection products to law enforcement in the U.S. Laser Atlanta is the developer of the original SpeedLaser® technology, and MPH is among the largest manufacturers of police RADAR and mobile video systems, supplying law enforcement agencies worldwide.

    “After a thorough review of LIDAR technology, MPH selected Laser Atlanta and the SpeedLaser brand as the superior company, technology and product line in the industry,” said Kevin Willis, President of MPH Industries. “We plan to expand our market leading position in RADAR speed detection to include the laser speed detection segment through our partnership with Laser Atlanta and SpeedLaser.”

    “MPH’s reputation for innovation, service and support is second to none in the industry, and we are very pleased to have them represent the SpeedLaser brand to the law enforcement community,” said James Kelly, President and CEO of Laser Atlanta. “Together, Laser Atlanta and MPH have more than 50 years combined experience in developing and delivering innovative traffic enforcement solutions to police across the world.”

    SpeedLaser is LIDAR or laser-based as opposed to RADAR, which provides several advantages including the ability to target a single vehicle on busy roadways. SpeedLaser is independently tested to obtain measurements in any type of weather and on vehicles at a farther distance than other systems. Jammers and detectors also failed against SpeedLaser because of its proprietary Stealth Mode technology. With a beam size of only 3” at 100 feet, and the ability to take a reading of a targeted vehicle in just 0.3 seconds, speeding motorists have very little chance of detecting the SpeedLaser or slowing down before a speed reading is taken. SpeedLaser is the World’s Best for the World’s Finest.TM

    About Laser Atlanta

    Since 1989, Laser Atlanta is the authentic original developer of LIDAR SpeedLaser products for law enforcement. Since 1991, Laser Atlanta is the trendsetter for LIDAR speed detection devices for law enforcement. With the fastest acquisition time, longest range and proprietary Stealth mode, SpeedLasers produce tickets that stick even against drivers using jammers. We also use our unique laser platform to provide ranging solutions for the military and civil engineering community. Laser Atlanta is a privately-held, debt-free company with a long history of technological strength, planned growth and solid ethics. For more information, visit

    About MPH Industries

    MPH is one of the leading police radar and in car video manufacturers. It was founded in Chanute, Kansas in 1976. Within a few short years, MPH had grown to be the largest manufacturer of police radar equipment, supplying law enforcement agencies worldwide. MPH is a subsidiary of MPD, Inc. MPD also owns CMI, Inc., the leader in evidential breath alcohol measurement, and MPD Components, Inc., a manufacturer of commercial and military avionics components. MPD also operates a manufacturing facility in Wales and a sales office in Singapore. For more information, visit

    SpeedLaser and Laser Atlanta are registered trademarks of Laser Atlanta, LLC.
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    Virginia, unfortunately


    Bad news for drivers. Looks like we will be seeing more LA's on the streets

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    Let them try to get a reading in 0.3 seconds off my front end. Let them try.



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