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    Default Speed cams (photo radar) coming to California?

    California Senate Bill 1325 was introduced on Feb. 20 and if it passes it will allow SPEED camera tickets - also known as photo radar tickets - to be mailed to you. The bill could also allow stop sign camera tickets.

    The first hearing on this bill will be this month (March), by
    the Senate Transportation Committee in Sacramento.

    To stop SB 1325, phone the state legislators (assembly and senate)
    representing the districts in which you live, work, or shop. Their
    numbers are in your phone book's government pages. Also, call the
    senators who are on the Transportation Committee. For info about
    SB 1325 and the Committee, go to:

    If you are an auto club member, call your club and ask them to oppose SB 1325. The auto club carries a LOT of clout in Sacramento, so if they strongly oppose the bill, it won't pass. Phone numbers for the club's main offices are available at the link, above. In other states, the auto clubs have been among the SUPPORTERS of speed cameras, so I suggest that you make it clear to your California club that your continued insurance business could depend upon their protecting you from speed cams.

    Speak NOW or forever hold your peace. Now is the time to let your
    elected representatives, and your auto club, know what you think.


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    This has already been posted in this section.
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