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    The city of Nacogdoches just passed a new ordinance where officers have the discretion to IMMEDIATELY impound your car if you are pulled over and do not have insurance on your vehicle. It used to be just a ticket...which you then pay a surcharge to the state for 2 years. Now, they impound your vehicle on the spot, no questions, do not pass go, do not collect $200, along with the ticket and surcharge.

    The ordinance goes into effect April 1st. Evidently they are giving people warnings durring the first 30 days, after that, they can impound.

    It will probably only be a matter of time before other localities pass something similar. Since Texas is NOT a no-fault state, I think it's a good idea because us Joe's that keep our vehicles legal and insured, if you get in a wreck with someone who doesn't have insurance, you're pretty much screwed, unless you have uninsured driver insurance. The number of uninsured vehicles on the road here is estimated at 30-some percent.

    Read the article

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    I think there may be some legal issues with that statute, I'll have to look into it. Esp. if officers start just calling in plates to see if the vehicle is insured and the driver hasn't broken any other traffic laws, just so they can be a d!ck and impound the car, that's abuse of authority IMHO



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