Firefighters forced to pay speeding fines
Firefighters are being forced to receive speeding fines after responding to emergencies in New South Wales.

News Limited newspapers report that the Government is forcing drivers to receive the fines, and sign declarations to state they were speeding due to an emergency.

The fines are sent all the way down to the homes of firefighters driving at the time of the emergency, with each driver forced to declare the emergency themselves.

An old system saw the Fire Department simply sign off on the fines to have them struck off - however it is now understood they are being sent to drivers.

The papers report that drivers are now threatening to not respond to fires with speed or to break the law while attending emergencies.

Unions are outraged by the bureaucracy saying that it would tell it's members to refuse to pay, and may also consider not breaking the law in order to attend emergencies.

"We think it's ridiculous and if the Government doesn't fix it, we'll be telling our members to drive to road rules when they go to emergencies," secretary Simon Flynn said.

The New South Wales Fire Brigade said that it was simply following the law.