New Radar to Help Crack Down on Speeders

Speeders beware. Jackson police are using new equipment to help crack down on those breaking the speed limit.

Jackson police want to cut down on lead foot drivers on Interstate 220. Chief Malcolm McMillin believes this new device may just be the answer.

From now on drivers can expect to see this...a car mounted radar that let's drivers know exactly how fast they are travelling.

Jackson police set up the radar equipment on Iinterstate 220 at Medgar Evers Boulevard, where the site of the police cruiser and the radar seemed to slow some vehicles down.

Sergeant Jeffery Scott says the officer in the police cruiser will work in tandem with other officers nearby to catch speeding drivers.

"We've been out here about 15 minutes and at least six tickets have been written in the last 15 minutes. But again it's not the number of tickets that are written, it's the fact that you can visibly see drivers attempting to slow down and that's what we want."

The new radar device was purchased through a grant. Right now JPD only has one, but expects to get more and set them up all over the city.