Speeders to get fair warning
By Susan Parkou Weinstein
Mon Apr 21, 2008, 01:02 PM EDT
Raynham -

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Speeders be warned: a dozen signs have arrived in town warning drivers to slow down to 30 miles per hour unless the speed limit is otherwise posted.
They are painted in reflective lettering to make them clearly visible even at night.
“They’ll have no excuse for not seeing them,” Selectman Joseph Pacheco said.
They will be posted at key spots around town where residents have complained about racing motorists.
Possible locations include South Street East, Hill Street, Locust Street, Route 104, Center Street, Carver Street, Prospect Hill Street, Britton Street and Elm Street East.
They are larger than normal street postings but not “billboard size,” Pacheco said.
“We’ll talk to residents before putting them up. We will work with them,” he said.
Police Chief Lou Pacheco said the signs should curb longtime speeding problems.
He said the worst culprits are often people who live in the neighborhood.
“Everybody gets fair warning,” he said.