VICTORIAN police officers will stop issuing speeding fines next week unless an industrial dispute is resolved.

The police union has followed through on threats to take industrial action after more than 100 traffic police voted at a meeting today.

The officers are angry about an embargo by police command stopping them taking leave on long weekends.

The officers voted not to issue penalty notices or on-the-spot fines unless police assistant commissioner Ken Lay reversed the policy at a meeting tomorrow.

"Instead of on-the-spot fines, we'll give warnings or take the matter to court," Police Association assistant secretary Bruce McKenzie told AAP.

"This is not about letting traffic users off the hook.

"This is about taking some sort of protest action about what our members think is an outrage, and means members with families will never get to spend Christmas or Easter with them."

Inspector McKenzie accused police command of using the proposed leave embargo to hide a lack of resources being suffered by traffic police.

The police union announced it would take industrial action over a range of issues following a mass rally earlier this month.

However, the proposed leave embargo also follows chief commissioner Christine Nixon's announcement last month of a dramatic restructure of the force, including rostering on more police at peak times.

Insp McKenzie said traffic police were told last week they would be banned from taking annual leave during peak holiday times including Christmas, New Year and Easter.

Mr Lay defended the embargo in a written statement and said Victoria Police was trialling it this weekend, the Anzac Day long weekend.

He also signalled similar embargoes might be repeated at the Queen's Birthday weekend in June, and perhaps the AFL Grand Final weekend in September.

"Last Christmas, 19 people died on our roads and we do not want to see that happen again," he said.

"Long weekends are high risk periods for traffic, and our statistics strongly indicate that we must have all available traffic resources working at these times to ensure enforcement of road safety is at a maximum."