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    Default 18 wheelers to stay out of left lane

    Semitrailer Restrictions Coming To Area Interstates

    Drivers who travel North Texas interstates behind the wheel of a semitrailer soon will face new restrictions.

    Area police will test a program that requires semitrailer drivers avoid the left lanes to remain in the center or right lanes on specific stretches of highway in Dallas and Tarrant counties.

    In Dallas County, the lane restrictions will be in place along Interstate 20 between Cedar Ridge Drive and Interstate 45.

    In Tarrant County, the restrictions apply to Interstate 30 from Hulen Street in Fort Worth to Collins Street in Arlington.

    An unscientific poll conducted by NBC 5 found that most automobile drivers who responded support the plan. Truckers, however, think the plan could reduce highway safety because the big rigs would take up space in the right lanes, which other drivers need to merge onto or exit from the highways. The truckers said the concentration of vehicles near exit and entrance ramps would add to the risks of changing lanes.

    Transportation planners said the program was not created to increase convenience, rather it was intended to make highways safer.

    "Convenience was really down the road and not as important as safety," transportation planner Mike Sims said. "Safety is the issue. If we can get a safer roadway by managing how trucks and automobiles interact a little bit differently, then we've got a benefit to the driving public, and we're doing our job."

    Other cites, including Houston, have similar plans in place. The program in North Texas is a test to gauge long-term plans.

    The test program along I-20 and I-30 takes effect Oct. 1.

    A public meeting about the test program will take place Wednesday night at 6:30 in Duncanville at the Hopkins Senior Center on James Collins Boulevard.

    I love Tx

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    that law has been on the books for years in my area.

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    Sometimes truckers actually block the lanes on a highway for a good reason. The problem is that some people do not realize that they are being done a huge favor. For example, I was on I-95 last weekend when I noticed that two truckers riding side by side where keeping a lot of traffic from getting by as they were doing the speed limit. Less than a mile later, the truck gets out of the left lane, and I suddenly see two officers waiting to nail people with instant on radar. Another time truckers were keeping traffic from merging at the last minute when only one lane was open on I-85. This kept traffic flowing through smoothly while preventing @$$holes from cutting people off at the last minute.

    Truckers are professional drivers who deserve respect, but there are always a few bad apples to give them a bad rep. If you see all the trucks in the right lane going the speed limit without a weigh station pretty close, watch out because more than likely a cop is around.

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    While I like the idea of trucks staying out of the left lane, I see them only doing it to pass slower trucks or even 4 wheelers. They run slower because most states now have slower speed limits for trucks. The good things about those trucks, is that usually they are running numerically higher over their speed limit than I am.



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