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    Default FL - Senate OKs Bill Penalizing Vehicular Display Of Testicl

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    The bill, which needs House approval, states: "Whoever willfully displays on a vehicle an obscene word, image, or device, including, but not limited to reproductive glands, commits a noncriminal traffic violation" punishable as a moving violation.
    Well 2 comments.

    First is I saw an ingineous idea, the owner used industrial sized bolt nuts welded to industrial sized chain links, hanging from the hitch... I woould like to see an officer write a ticket for that one.

    Second, speaking of obscene, thats a realtive free speech argument, as I have scene a car with a full illustrative picture of the female anatomy, it was on the rear trunk, a naked woman with her legs spread, and with her privates very open, again this was a very large drawing and revealed every intriqute detail... then you have cars with actual photos...

    I think the house will shoot it down.

    Here is one example, note the plate is covered up... the original has the plate number, hindsight is 20/20, for the guy I guess.

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    lmao i sometimes see those hangin from the back of big ass trucks



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