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    Default Company pitches decoy cop cars

    April 25, 2008
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    Company pitches decoy cop cars

    A company based in Sacramento, CA, is hoping to sell police decoys.

    The Sacramento CBS News television affiliate reported that the company National Police Presence is hoping police departments will pay nearly $13,000 each for vehicles that look exactly like their squad cars, but dont have engines, doors, transmissions or finished interiors.

    The idea is that police can tow a decoy to locations where they think the mere presence of a police vehicle will deter crime or slow down speeders, thus freeing up officers to respond elsewhere.

    One detractor says that, in an emergency, someone might run to the decoy for help only to discover its an empty shell.
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    Slow down speeders? Might work.
    Deter Crime? No. Even an average criminal wouldn't take long to figure out what a real cop car looks like. Word gets out among the local criminals about these decoy cop cars and the thief who wants to burglarize a home has to spend a few extra seconds to see if the car's a decoy. When he sees that it's a fake, burglary goes as planned.

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    Holy dogcrap? 13,000 dollars for a Vic shell? I could buy a base level cobalt for just 500 more and it has an engine!! :shock:

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    A local township park their off duty cars in local shopping and strip mall parking lots as close to the main road as they can. You know they are doing this in hopes people will slow down. I have to tell you, I am always second guessing those cars when I see them there. never know if no one is in it or not, until your almost on top on it.

    I would say it works as a general traffic deterrent, since you never know, but they are not always there they appear from time to time.

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    those shells would be lit on fire quick especially in sacramento.



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