Deputy Leonard Armijo snags a speeder on I-25 Wednesday morning
Beware, leadfoot: Bernalillo County deputies are out in force as part of a new operation to get you to slow down.

Operation Slowdown kicked off last Wednesday with deputies wielding radar guns every five miles along Interstate 25 and patrolling Paseo del Norte.

Wednesday morning, one deputy said that business has been brisk.

“Whether it’s midnight or whether it’s nine o’clock in the morning, we’re out here and it’s going to cost you some money if we catch you,” said Deputy Leonard Armijo as he worked I-25 south of the Coal exit.

Last week, the operation netted more than 260 citations. Over 130 were for speeding, the rest for miscellaneous offenses and two people were collared who had outstanding warrants.

Officials say these operations will continue through September.