Moline police receive speed enforcement grant
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Press release submitted by Moline Police Department
The Moline Police Department has received a grant from the Illinois Department of Transportation to reduce the number and severity of speed related crashes in the City of Moline.

Last year over 2000 crashes were reported in Moline. 25% of all crashes involved personal injury.

The goal is to reduce the number of crashes involving personal injury. Reducing the speed of traffic will help reduce the number of crashes.

The IDOT grant provides $61,000 for radar speed enforcement over six months in the City. The first month of enforcement took place in November. Over 400 cars were stopped and 350 speeding citations were issued. The second month of enforcement began March 1 and ended March 31.

The enforcement will take place at all hours and every day of the week.

Four areas in the City have been identified as having high frequency of speed violations and crashes:

* Avenue of the Cities
* 4th Avenue
* 12th Avenue
* 19th Avenue

Radar enforcement will be concentrated in these areas but all roads in the City will see increased enforcement.

Please be aware of these locations and slow down, helping to reduce the number of crashes and injuries.