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    Default TX - Speed cameras banned

    Finally, someone's fighting back against the fleecing of the general populace. Famous for liking things big, Texas lawmakers have laid the smackdown on red light and speed cameras in a large manner. HB.922 states "A municipality may not implement or operate an automated traffic control system with respect to a highway under its jurisdiction," which means that cameras, automated radar or laser, or anything else designed to snag an image of a car, driver, or license plate and record its speed is now forbidden. The even larger racket of red-light cameras have had the brakes applied by HB.1052, which requires giving motorists notice of the devices at least 100 feet out.

    These bills have passed through the legislature and are awaiting Governor Rick Perry's inscription. If the measures do make it into law, we hope that other states follow suit. Ticketing egregious speeders and actual red-light scofflaws is one thing, but the systems have been calibrated in a cynical manner to generate loads of revenue (and kickbacks) for the companies that sell and administrate the systems for municipalities. Rather than keeping people safe, random ticketing amounts to a tax, and that really sticks in our craw. We're pleased beyond words that Texas has taken up the motorists' cause, and we hope that the new legislation can stand as a precedent.

    Thanks for the tip, Dylan!

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    Texas Transp. Code 707.003(g) already does what HB 1052 wants to do:

    Texas Transportation Code 707.003
    (g) The local authority shall install signs along each
    roadway that leads to an intersection at which a photographic
    traffic signal enforcement system is in active use. The signs must
    be at least 100 feet from the intersection or located according to
    standards established in the manual adopted by the Texas
    Transportation Commission under Section 544.001, be easily
    readable to any operator approaching the intersection, and clearly
    indicate the presence of a photographic monitoring system that
    records violations that may result in the issuance of a notice of
    violation and the imposition of a monetary penalty.
    It's already on the books... Now if we could punish the municipalities that are denying right to jury, then TX would be laying the smack down.



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