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    Default NE - State patrol plans special traffic enforcement during summer

    State patrol plans special traffic enforcement during summer

    Associated Press - June 1, 2008 4:55 PM ET

    LINCOLN, Neb. (AP) - State troopers plan to be out in full force in work zones, areas with high crash rates, and other spots that need special traffic enforcement this summer.

    The State Patrol has launched a new safety initiative called the "100 Days of Summer." It's designed to try and reduce fatal crashes during the high traffic summer months.

    Each day through September 1st, the patrol will try to hold at least one traffic safety enforcement operation somewhere in the state.

    Motorists can keep abreast of the planned special enforcements by visiting the Nebraska State Patrol web site at NEBRASKA STATE PATROL and clicking on "100 Days of Summer."

    The link will display monthly calendars, with each day listing the type of special enforcement planned and the location of the special enforcement.
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    My hometown I saw them out saturday nite running IO Ka on the interstates. A LOT of it too.

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    Thank you. This'll help me out.

    They just got Ka guns withing the past few years. All I used to see was K, and now almost always its Ka.

    I've seen the Nebraska State Patrol out on Dodge street(Omaha) using Vascar with a helicopter. Im glad I already passed them before and was on my way back cause I knew I would have got a ticket.



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