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    Default PA- Photoblocker and plate shield can no longer be sold in PA

    HARRISBURG - Attorney General Tom Corbett today announced a consumer protection settlement with a central Pennsylvania business accused of misrepresenting the legality and effectiveness of various "photo blocking" products, which are intended to defeat traffic cameras used by law enforcement.
    Corbett said the Assurance of Voluntary Compliance (AVC) was reached with Innovative Media Inc., of 2151 Queen Drive, Harrisburg, which advertises and sells products on various websites, including:,, and The products sold on the websites include PhotoBlocker Spray, PhotoShield Cover and Reflector Cover, all designed to conceal vehicle license plates from traffic cameras.
    Corbett noted that the use of any of these products is a violation of Pennsylvania Vehicle Code, which clearly prohibits the use of any products that obscures automated red light enforcement systems. Several red light camera systems are currently used to monitor dangerous or accident-prone intersections in Philadelphia.
    "Encouraging consumers to attempt to defeat red light cameras and other traffic safety devices puts every Pennsylvania motorist and pedestrian at risk," Corbett said. "The sale of products that are illegal to use in Pennsylvania also leaves consumers open to prosecution."
    According to the AVC, Innovative Media engaged in a series of misleading or deceptive practices in the advertisement and sale of various photo-blocking products.
    "The website includes dramatic claims such as 'no more red light camera tickets' and 'make your car invisible to traffic cameras,' without clearly explaining that the use of these products violates Pennsylvania law," Corbett said. "The website also makes questionable claims about the effectiveness of the products; confusing statements about testing done by various news agencies and police departments; inaccurate information about patents for these products; and previously included information about the admissibility of traffic camera photographs in court - which amounted to the unauthorized practice of law."
    Corbett said the consumer protection settlement includes the following requirements:

    • Innovative Media must cease conducting business in Pennsylvania.
    • The company must clearly disclose that it is unlawful to use these products in Pennsylvania.
    • The company must pay $5,000 in civil penalties.
    • The company must pay $20,000, to be used by the Office of Attorney General for future public protection and public educational purposes.

    The consumer protection settlement was filed in Commonwealth Court, Harrisburg, by Deputy Attorney General Jodi L. Zucco of the Attorney General's Bureau of Consumer Protection.
    Press: The Attorney General's Press Office - Pennsylvania Office of Attorney General

    It cant be sold in PA, but it can be sold in other states, and similar products can still be sold in PA, the AG only went after this one company, because they are in Harrisburg.

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    Gee, i could not figure what the big deal was for PA on this one since there is only one road in all of PA that has Camera and it is in Philadelphia and they need it there. The idiots there need the cameras, they are so bad the red light are red or seconds and the go through.

    I agree they went after this guy since he was down the street from the capital building. That is like police not going after the crack house around the corner from the police station.

    As as I know there is not law about selling it is just illegal to put these on your car in PA. But go the guy in trouble was the misrepresentation of the products and the legal claims.
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