Traffic Grant Will Help Target Problem Intersections
Gresham Police Department has been providing enhanced enforcement at selected intersections thanks to a grant recently obtained from the Oregon Department of Transportation. The enforcement action began last month.

A Multi-Unit Traffic Enforcement Grant awarded to GPD pays for approximately 163 overtime hours for officers to provide targeted enforcement. The grant designates the areas of Division and Burnside, Hogan from Stark to Burnside and Burnside and Eastman for enhanced enforcement. The areas selected were chosen based on infractions and collisions that occur there.

"This enforcement action targets locations that are notorious for traffic collisions. Our goal is to reduce the number of those collisions, said Police Chief Carla Piluso.

Traffic officers will be enforcing traffic violations at these intersections during peak traffic hours and will be looking primarily for moving violations, as those are the kinds of infractions that cause collisions.