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    Default NY - Oswego Police Department announce traffic enforcement initiative

    Oswego Police Department announce traffic enforcement initiative

    Updated: 06/18/2008 04:55 PM

    By: Web Staff

    OSWEGO, N.Y. -- The Oswego Police Department has announced a traffic enforcement initiative to help reduce motor vehicle crashes. They say stop sign violations are a major cause of accidents in the community.

    The Oswego Police Department has received 5,200 from the Selective Traffic Enforcement Program to target violators. They will focus on areas where citizens have the most concern and urge anyone who may know of an intersection where frequent stop sign violations occur to call the Oswego City Police Department at (315) 342-8120.
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    Wow, thats only about 45minutes to an hour away from where I live.

    I must say enforcing stop-sign runners does not bother me as much as (Over-enforcing) speeding, especially with an increased number of motorcycles out on the road, its imperative that Cagers actually stop and see what they are pulling out in front of!



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