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    Default PA - Camp Hill Police uses ENRADD

    People in PA - look up pictures of an ENRADD unit and WATCH OUT. I saw Camp Hill Police using their ENRADD unit on 15 N. just before 21st street. Because I know what the unit looks like, I saw it in plenty of time to slow down.

    Speed Device Gaining Popularity With Local Police|abc27 News


    It's called the ENRADD system, which stands for Electronic Non-Radar Device. The ENRADD system uses two infrared light beams to time cars, and gives police an average vehicle speed. The cars only have to travel three feet before they are timed.

    Before, local police departments had to rely on timing cars between painted white lines. Camp Hill Police Officer Doug Hockenberry said he's seen people slow down when they approach the white lines. He's even seen people slam on their brakes in between those lines.

    The ENRADD system eliminates that possibility. "With this, it's almost automatic," Hockenberry said. "As soon as they go through the course, they're clocked."

    ENRADD also allows Hockenberry to monitor speed on back roads and residential streets. He only needs a few feet to set up the device. Before, he couldn't patrol those streets because there wasn't enough roadway to set up the old system.

    Hockenberry also said he can sit in his car, a half-mile away from the device, and still get accurate readings.

    "It's been real effective," Hockenberry said. "We've been issuing a lot of citations and a lot of written warnings."

    YIS/Cowden Group, Inc. manufactures the devices in York. Owner Jim Cowden said more than 200 local police departments are already using the technology. More than two dozen He said there is so much interest, he can't make the systems fast enough.

    "There's 1200 departments in the state and they all want one," Cowden said. "I don't know a single department that hasn't requested one."

    Cowden said people will often drive by the device, and never know their speed was just clocked by a police officer.

    "They just look like a piece of scrap metal or something laying alongside the road," Cowden said. "People don't pay any attention to it."

    The cost of the device is $4,000. That price does include training.

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    Wow, 200 departments already have ENRADD

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    Default camp hill

    Out of the last 8 days, I have seen the Camp Hill Police use ENRADD at this location 4 of those days.

    Sometimes I will go to lunch around 1 and drive home around 7 and they would be there both times!

    I have also seen them leave their $4000 ENRADD unit laying around when they are not there.

    If anybody wants to take pictures, observe, or try detecting ENRADD with a police scanner, etc. this would be a great time to do it. Then again, today is the last day of the month and maybe they have a "performance standard" (not a quota!) that they had to fulfill.

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    if they leave it out cant u accidently smash it or light it on fire?



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