Mason City, IA - Speeding could cost you more starting July 1st. Speeding through a work zone could have you paying more than the current double fine.
At 10mph or above the speed limit could cost up to $354.50. Traveling over 20 mph you will face fines up to $651.50. At 25 mph over the speed limit you'll have a fine up to $1,047.50. And anything above that you could face charges topping out at $2,037.50.
With all the construction going on this time of year the Iowa State Patrol says they want to ensure the safety of road workers. Lt. William Hon says the fines are there as a reminder.
"We want to make sure that the safety is more important over everything else, but the fines will be there as a reminder to take speed limits and construction more seriously."
Lt. Hon says signs are posted miles before the work zone. Giving you enough time to slow down to prevent anything from happening.