PHOENIX -- Photo radar is nothing new. Its primary purpose has always been to slow people down and reduce the collision rate.

Speeding tickets padding budget
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It's all about insuring public safety - right?
Well not quite. At least not in the eyes of the legislature and the governor. Photo radar is being used as a way to balance the budget.
Its increased use around the state is expected to generate an extra $90 Million dollars, and when you have a projected defecit of $2 Billion dollars - every dollar counts.
Those caught by photo radar will face fines, but the information will be kept from their insurance company.
The insurance industry has a word to describe that particualr type of driver indiscretion, saying that the driving incident is masked or protected so that they dont really know the actual driving record of an individual.
It is concievable that under this law the insurer of people such as Jennifer Bitton would be kept in the dark. Bitton was recently arrested after photo radar caught her speeding 22 times on the Loop 101.
Insurance companies are asking why should that individual's record not be impacted by that poor driving behavior?
Good's another...
The purpose of photo radar is to get people to slow down. If it is successful, then officers will write fewer tickets.
if they write fewer tickets, then the state makes less money to help with the budget deficit. Thats just one of many details that D.P.S. says still have to be worked out.