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    Exclamation CA - Traffic ticket equals free headset?

    Traffic ticket equals free headset?

    Mon Jun 30, 2008 9:54PM EDT
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    Buzz up!on Yahoo! Drivers beware. As you know by now, a new hands-free law goes into effect in California and Washington state starting July 1. Drivers in these two states are encouraged to either avoid answering calls while driving or head to the nearest store to buy a hands-free device if their car doesn't already come with one.
    While this hands-free law is a second offense in Washington, Californians aren't going to be so lucky since the state made this law a primary offense, meaning chatty drivers risk being pulled over for simply holding the phone to their face. Unfortunately, the inevitable will happen and people will be slapped with a fine for falling into old habits, so what's a driver to do if they can't afford a hands-free device?
    This is where an online retailer and a law firm hopes to comes in. The Mercury News says will be giving away 730 Bluetooth headsets in the next 30 days to drivers in California who get a ticket for not using a hands-free device. And the headsets they're giving away aren't bad either. The Plantronics Discovery 925 retails for $150 online, and is actually one of the more stylish Bluetooth headsets out there.
    But seriously, nobody wants to get a ticket in order to get a free headset, so the smartest thing to do is find out who is giving away freebies in their area.
    Those living in the San Francisco Bay Area can take advantage of the free headset campaign Berg Injury Lawyers is running this week. The law firm will be handing out 2,000 Plantronics MX150 Mobile headsets starting this Thursday in response to the new law. To get one, you'll have to fill out a form, print a voucher, and head to the nearest Berg Injury Lawyers law firm to pick one up.
    If anyone else knows of any other promotions, let us know in the comments section below. I myself will update this post if I spot any other freebies.
    Update: Walter Clark Injury Lawyers in Palm Desert, California is also giving away free headsets on a first come, first serve basis. Thanks for the tip Abbey!
    Organization Promotes Safe Driving with Free Headsets
    The truth about using hands-free devices behind the wheel
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    Bad news: first offense for driving while using a cell phone in california is a $20 fine.

    Good news: offender gets a hands-free set that's retails for $150. (for the first 730 violaters)

    So, who wants to be the first offender?
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