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    Exclamation New Orleans Announces Speed Camera Phase

    New Orleans Announces Speed Camera Phase

    Written by: [replacer_a]

    New Orleans, LA (June 19, 2008) - The City of New Orleans Department of Public Works today announced that the second phase of the Comprehensive Photo Traffic Safety Program will begin on Monday, June 23. Speed cameras will begin issuing citations to motorists driving ten or more miles per hour over the posted speed limit through the monitored intersection. The intersection cameras currently utilized for red-light enforcement will be used for these speed enforcements

    "The goal of the photo enforcement program is to make our streets and intersections safer for all citizens," said Robert Mendoza, Director of the Department of Public Works. "We are focused on the prevention of traffic violations while promoting safety on our city streets. Our objective is to reduce accidents and serious injuries."

    The Department of Public Works conducted a 96-hour analysis, logging the number of speed violations at each site. The cameras on Southbound Carrollton Avenue at Palmetto Street showed the most significant speeding problem, identifying 782 violations over the four lanes during the 96-hour analysis. No citations were issued during this period.

    The number of violations is expected to dramatically decrease as there is increased awareness of the speed enforcement phase of the program in the coming months, thus improving public safety and reducing crashes and injuries.

    Drivers exceeding the posted speed limits by nine or more miles per hour through the monitored intersections on green or yellow lights will be issued a citation. Drivers who speed through these intersections on a red light will only receive a citation for red-light running at this time.
    Although there was a grace period at the start of the red-light enforcement program, citations will be issued immediately for speeding violations once the program is implemented next week.
    BayouBuzz Staff

    The traffic enforcement system is an automated system that employs a combination of digital still and video cameras and detection equipment at a given signal approach or span of roadway. Still images are captured and saved for speed violations, and for traffic signal violations, both still images and video are saved. Each day, a commissioned officer reviews all alleged violations, relevant images and video to determine if a violation occurred. If the officer determines a violation has occurred, citations are issued to the registered owner of the vehicle.

    When the owner receives the violation, it includes a payment voucher for payment by mail, a phone number for payment by phone and a Web site address for electronic payment. The citation includes photographs and details of the violation as well as an e-mail link to review the pictures and video online. In the event the owner wants to contest a citation, he or she may contest by mail or go to an administrative hearing center for a live hearing on or before their payment due date.

    Technology for the program is provided through the department's contract with photo enforcement vendor American Traffic Solutions (ATS) of Scottsdale, Arizona. ATS was awarded the contract on May 31, 2007 after submitting the lowest bid through the City's public bid process.

    Quick Facts
    Intersections using photo enforcement cameras and results from 96-hour analysis

    Southbound North Carrollton Avenue at Canal Street

    * 272 violations over three lanes

    Eastbound Canal Street at North Carrollton Avenue

    * 470 violations over three lanes

    Northbound South Carrollton Avenue at Palmetto Street

    * 542 violations over two lanes

    Southbound South Carrollton Avenue at Palmetto Street

    * 782 violations over four lanes

    Northbound South Carrollton Avenue at Earhart Boulevard

    * 127 violations over two lanes

    Southbound South Carrollton Avenue at Earhart Boulevard

    * 61 violations over one lane

    Eastbound Earhart Boulevard at South Carrollton Avenue

    * 15 violations over one lane

    Westbound Earhart Boulevard at South Carrollton Avenue

    * 23 violations over one lane

    Eastbound Poydras Street at Loyola Avenue

    * 484 violations over two lanes

    Violation fines (excluding $35 cost of enforcement fee)

    Traffic Control Signal Violation - $100

    Speeding ( 9 mph over) - $40

    Speeding (10 - 14 mph over) - $75

    Speeding (15 - 20 mph over) - $125

    Speeding (Greater than 20 mph over) - $200

    Late fee for unpaid violations - $75 (vehicles with unpaid violations past the second notice are boot-eligible and subject to immobilization fees)
    (New Orleans Press Release)
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    Public Works Department? Is that legal? Can they enforce citations issued by a public works department for an offence? If you don't pay it, can they actually issue a statewide warrant for you, or is it more akin to a parking ticket, where it only stays in the local database?

    I guess Negin already burned through all that federal money and is looking for new ways to fleece us.

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